Having a roommate should always be a rewarding experience for all parties concerned. Here are some things you MUST know before getting a roommate, and some of the benefits of having a roommate. These (and more) are covered in detail in the book.

Things you must know before getting a roommate

how to find the right roommate

how to find a roommate you can trust

how to interview a potential roommate

roommate checklist

roommate dos and don'ts

roommate legal issues

how to set and enforce roommate rules

how to handle a problem roommate

roommate safety issues

finding the right roommate

finding a roommate you can trust

interviewing a potential roommate

Some of the many benefits of having a roommate

Financial - split the cost of shared expenses

- rent

- utilities

- food

- household products

- child care

- TV, phone, internet


- friendship

- safety (not returning to an empty house)

Shared Interests

- music

- sports and fitness

- cooking

- religion

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Sorry, the boa has gotta go - a roommate survival guide
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