4 Signs You Need to Break Up With Your Roommate

A breakup in all scenarios isn’t easy. Sometimes there can be reasons why things just don’t work out with your roommate. If you find yourself feeling stress or resentment towards them, it might be time to break up.

Before you consider having a discussion about the problems you may have, there are some things to realize. Here are five signs you need to break up with your roommate.

You Fight Constantly About Cleaning

If one roommate does all the clean while the other makes a mess, this is an unbalanced situation. If you share the space, it means you must also share equal responsibility to taking care of the room.

Try creating a chore chart to give each person a set of work to do in the household. If things still don’t change, you should consider if you still want to stay with your roommate.

They Don’t Respect You

Does your roommate respect your belongings or burst into your room without any warning? Or perhaps they peep into your conversations while you are on the phone. This type of behavior is disrespectful and will leave you feeling irritable.

You can explain this behavior to your roommate and discuss why you don’t like it. If they feel defensive or don’t understand why you might want to look elsewhere.

You Always Handle the Bills

Sharing the apartment musts you must also share the costs of living. A roommate that is shown to be unreliable will leave you to spend more than you should. If the roommate suddenly lost their job and asked to cover the current expenses, this shouldn’t be a big deal. However, if they have made it a habit of bumming off you, you need to break up the agreement.

They Use the Apartment a Party Central

Hosting get-togethers in your apartment can be fun. However, if your roommate’s friends are practically living with you, this can be a challenging and awkward scenario. Make it a rule to limit visitor time to a certain amount you are both comfortable.

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