4 Ways You Can Be a Great Roommate Even When Yours Isn’t

For anyone who’s had a roommate, many are more than willing to share their horror stories. When it comes to sharing space, there are many things to consider and be aware of to help build a successful relationship with your roommate.

Here are four ways you can be a great roommate even when yours isn’t.

Be Considerate

Before anything, it is important to respect each other. This can be difficult at times. However, no one will give you respect if you don’t provide the same in return.

Be considerate of your roommate and the surroundings. If they are asleep, make sure to keep the noise and light levels down. If they are studying, make sure not to have any loud disruptions. Just consider what would annoy you if you were in their position.

Keep the Space Clean

A clean space is often mentioned any many roommate stories. From opened toothpaste to hair in the shower, make sure to respect the common areas. Make a habit of keeping the ground clean and rid of trash or dirty clothes. Hopefully, your roommate will follow your steps.

Leave Their Stuff  Alone

To respect your roommate is to respect their belongings. This is particularly the case for personal items such as makeup, brushes and things like that. If you need to borrow something, be sure to ask before you do. Otherwise, this will build up the tension. If you don’t want your roommate to touch your stuff or eat your food, follow the example.

Set Ground Rules

Setting the ground rules will benefit the entire relationship in the long run. Consider rules such as smoking, talking on the phone, or have any special visitors. Talking on the phone should be done in a personal space. Establish an area for smokers, especially outside. Be careful to agree on the situation as smoking shouldn’t be done indoors.

Got any roommate horror stories you want to share? Think you need to break up with your roommate? Comment below and share your stories with us!

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