Got the worst ever and not sure how to survive until the term is up? Or perhaps you are struggling to make the rent when your roommate fails to give their share. Having a roommate doesn’t always have to be difficult. In fact, it can be a great experience.

A Roommate Survival Guide is here to help you do just that, survive. Here we talk about all the ways to enjoy your companion and bond as well as deciding when it is time to leave.

We are here to share our experiences and help you embrace yours. Whether your roommate is a strong or simply someone you know, living together can be either the best of fun or the most challenging experience you can have.

Our mission is to help you make your space an active and happy place. We provide great ways to bond with your roommates like doing crafts, hobbies, and anything to share the space.

A Roommate Survival Guide is here to help you deal with the many of the most common challenges that come with having a new roommate. We understand what it’s like to deal with the ups and downs in sharing a home. That is why we’ve made it our mission to discuss topics to help set expectations and prevent tensions that may arise.